Live Everyday Like It Is Your Last

I decided to write this post because I found out one of my friends passed away this month and it brought up some feelings that I haven’t realized I was holding on to. I had some rough times as a teenager. I was very independent and had a problem with …

easy video suite review

Easy Video Suite Review

This is a Review for Josh Bartlett latest product… I think Easy Video Suite by Josh Bartlett will completely changed the video marketing industry. Easy Video Suite is a new software created by Josh Bartlett The Easy Video Suite is more than just a video player, but a massive tycoon overload …

Harvey Nichols

12 Big Brand Social Media Fails of 2012

“Try to contain your excitement,” said these ads for British fashion brand Harvey Nichols, which showed the models peeing themselves. Some people took offense, but the company said it was merely making “a visual representation of a well-known phrase.”

affiliate summit east 2012

18 Things I learned at Affiliate Summit East 2012

I have been going to the affiliate summit since 2010 east and haven’t missed a conference yet. Every time I go I learn something new. You don’t only learn about affiliate marketing and it’s worth attending at least one in your life time. In fact to help you, I have …

wordpress training

6 Reasons NOT to Ignore WordPress Plugin Updates

Any WordPress administrator will tell you that many tabs are on the admin dashboard. Sadly, some things go unnoticed when they shouldn’t. This includes plugin updates. Whether you have a hundred plugins or just one, it’s very important that you always update your plugins the day an update comes out. …